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Smoky, Azcrystal
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LM2808 Lemon quartz 8mm LM2808 Lemon quartz 8mm $4.00 43 Buy Now
LM2809 Lemon quartz 9mm LM2809 Lemon quartz 9mm $4.00 15 Buy Now
S20 Spacer S20 Spacer $1.50 45 Buy Now
SB11 Button SB11 Button $4.00 36 Buy Now
SF2807 Micro-faceted  8mm SF2807 Micro-faceted 8mm $5.00 9 Buy Now
SF2809 Micro-faceted  9mm SF2809 Micro-faceted 9mm $5.00 25 Buy Now
SF2810 Micro faceted 10mm SF2810 Micro faceted 10mm $5.00 45 Buy Now
SF2811 Micro-faceted 11mm SF2811 Micro-faceted 11mm $5.50 80 Buy Now
SF2813 Micro-faceted 13mm SF2813 Micro-faceted 13mm $6.50 28 Buy Now
SF2815 Micro-faceted 15mm SF2815 Micro-faceted 15mm $7.00 17 Buy Now
SF500 Faceted 7x10mm SF500 Faceted 7x10mm $7.00 2 Buy Now
SF6406 faceted 6mm SF6406 faceted 6mm $4.00 68 Buy Now
SF6406_L  Faceted  6mm SF6406_L Faceted 6mm $4.00 13 Buy Now
SF6408 faceted beads 8mm SF6408 faceted beads 8mm $5.00 91 Buy Now
SF6410  faceted  10mm SF6410 faceted 10mm $5.50 110 Buy Now
SF6412 faceted 12mm SF6412 faceted 12mm $6.50 3 Buy Now
SR09 Round 9mm SR09 Round 9mm $3.00 8 Buy Now
SR10 Round 10mm SR10 Round 10mm $3.00 48 Buy Now
SZ06 Soccer faceted 6mm 	SZ06 Soccer faceted 6mm SZ06 Soccer faceted 6mm SZ06 Soccer faceted 6mm $3.00 5 Buy Now
SZ08 Soccer faceted 8mm SZ08 Soccer faceted 8mm $4.00 54 Buy Now

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