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Pearl necklaces, Azcrystal

Pearl necklaces

NB0401 Round (8mm) NB0401 Round (8mm) $10.00 3 Buy Now
NP0622  Rice (7mm) NP0622 Rice (7mm) $5.00 2 Buy Now
NR003 NR003 $4.00 1 Buy Now
NR004 NR004 $4.00 1 Buy Now
NR0170 Round (7.5mm) NR0170 Round (7.5mm) $6.00 2 Buy Now
NR1001 Button (4mm x 6mm) NR1001 Button (4mm x 6mm) $5.00 8 Buy Now
NR1030 Round (7.5mm) NR1030 Round (7.5mm) $6.00 3 Buy Now
NR1075 Roundel (8mm) NR1075 Roundel (8mm) $7.00 4 Buy Now
NR1140 Round (7mm) NR1140 Round (7mm) $4.00 2 Buy Now
NR1950 Round (7mm) NR1950 Round (7mm) $5.00 3 Buy Now
NR2230 Rice (8.5mm) NR2230 Rice (8.5mm) $4.00 5 Buy Now
NR2310 Round (8mm) NR2310 Round (8mm) $15.00 3 Buy Now
NR7022 Potato (8mm) NR7022 Potato (8mm) $4.00 4 Buy Now
NW001 Round (7.5mm) NW001 Round (7.5mm) $14.00 9 Buy Now
NW002 Round (7.5mm) NW002 Round (7.5mm) $12.00 4 Buy Now
NW0370 Perfect round (6.5mm) NW0370 Perfect round (6.5mm) $12.00 4 Buy Now
NW0470 Round (8mm) NW0470 Round (8mm) $12.00 1 Buy Now
NW0570 Round (8mm) NW0570 Round (8mm) $14.00 4 Buy Now
NW07 Round (11mm) NW07 Round (11mm) $70.00 2 Buy Now
NW0770 Round (7.5mm) NW0770 Round (7.5mm) $12.00 6 Buy Now

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